BumbleSoft’s metamorphisis

On July 8, 2011, in WordPress, by Ryan

Hey, Bumblesoft’s bees have transformed. After a couple of months in metamorphosis they matured into little spaceships. On their way into orbit they had to evade some asteroids but then luckily landed on their final destination: WP Mothership. WP Mothership is part of our brand new SoftWarp project & is where we want you to [...]


Fatal error: Allowed memory size of * bytes exhausted (tried to allocate…

On October 24, 2010, in Common Errors, EZ Empire Builder, by

This error would indicate that the script needed additional memory than what your PHP settings allowed during the time the script was run. SUGGESTED ACTION Increase your memory limit within your PHP settings, ie., to increase to 64M you could try adding: memory_limit = 64M to your server’s main php.ini file (best solution if you [...]

YellaBot Free 7-Day Trial

On October 7, 2010, in Software, YellaBot, by

YELLABOT Makes it simple to scrape the Yellow Pages in 4 countries: Scrape the Yellow Pages USA, The UK, Canada and Australia! With the click of a button you can scrape: Business Name Business Address Phone Number Street/Unit/Block City/Suburb State Postal Code (zip code) Map coordinates (longitude and latitude) Website URL Email address Business Description [...]

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How to Import a CSV file into MySQL through PHPmyAdmin

On October 7, 2010, in EZ Empire Builder, by

Sometimes .sql formatted database files are a little more solid and reliable formats than .txt or .csv files for various reason. In this article I will show you very quickly how to convert a CSV file into a SQL file easily using PHPmyAdmin. phpMyAdmin is an open source tool written in PHP intended to handle [...]

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WP-YA Grabber: Free Yahoo Answers Plugin for WordPress

Today I have the pleasure to share with you a free wordpress plugin to automatically populate your blog with content from Yahoo! Answers. For those of you that might not be familiar with Yahoo! Answers, it’s been described as “The largest knowledge-sharing community on the Web. It’s an online community where anyone can ask and [...]

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Ping Tip

Hi Guys, Just wanted to share a tip with you. Here’s a plugin I use with EZEmpireBuilder sites to have scheduled posts ping once they change to published status. Smart Update Pinger Normally WordPress pings a post immediately as the post is created, which doesn’t help us much when we are scheduling posts out months [...]

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How to Fix WordPress “Plugin does not have a valid header” Error

On February 3, 2010, in Wordpress Plugins, by

If you ever run into this “Plugin does not have a valid header” error when installing a wordpress plugin, here is a very simple solution that tends to work most of the time. Find the plugin in question. Lets imagine you just bought EZ Empire Builder and are ready to install it on your WordPress [...]

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EZ Empire Builder is Officially Launched!

On February 2, 2010, in EZ Empire Builder, by

Click HERE to watch the Video to see EZ Empire Builder in action! If You Care, Please Share!

Big Ass List of Useful WordPress Plugins

On January 31, 2010, in Wordpress Plugins, by

Alright all, here we go, another big-assed post about WordPress Plugins! This is basically a collection of my favorites and some oddities that could be very useful. ———————————————— CopyFeed – It puts a link back to your site and a digital fingerprint you can search for that will show you if anyone is scraping your [...]

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EZ Empire Builder — Coming Soon!

On January 11, 2010, in EZ Empire Builder, New Releases, by

Video Coming Soon…. UPDATE: EZ Empire Builder is officially launched as of right now! Go check it out right here: Click Here Now! Keep your eyes peeled for EZ Empire Builder coming later this week! I’m totally excited to share it with you. Its a LOT different than WordPress Cloaker but does carry a few [...]

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